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18 October 2011

Khimvolokno debuts at A+A expo in Dusseldorf

GOMEL, 18 October (BelTA) – The Khimvolokno Production Corporation has debuted at A + A trade show in Dusseldorf (Germany), one of the world's largest exhibitions in the field of occupational safety and health, which runs on 18-21 October 2011, BelTA learnt from the marketing department of the company. The Belarusian manufacturer has showcased the unique heat-resistant Arselon: fibers, yarns, fabrics, nonwovens. Thanks to their properties: high thermal-oxidative stability, high temperature of decomposition, considerable resistance to the effects of an open flame, oxygen index at 30%, these materials have a wide range of applications in various industries. In particular, they are used for sewing of uniforms of firefighters, welders, metalworkers, foresters, for making gloves, wrists, gloves for emergency operations, bag filters for hot gas filtration, etc. Soligorsk-based Khimvolokno is the world’s only producer of heat-resistant materials Arselon. This sophisticated product is in high demand on the global market. The quality of the product meets international standards. The material is exported to nearly 15 countries. A+A trade show has a history of more than 50 years. This biennial expo in Dusseldorf informs specialists on the latest achievements in protection, hygiene and on-the-job safety. In 2009 the forum was attended by more than 1,540 exhibitors from 62 countries. Their booths were visited by over 55,000 people, with one in four being a foreigner. Founded in 1964, Grodno Khimvolokno is a major producer of nylon and polyester yarns and fibers, polyamide-6 (PA-6) and composite materials based on it. The company sells into almost 40 countries.