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247710, Republic of Belarus


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23 March 2010

Khoiniki asks for support for Belarusian Literature Day

Ivan Melezh’s native land will get a new look for the Belarusian Literature Day Dear friends! Every year on the first Sunday in September our country celebrates the Belarusian Literature Day. On this day we pay tribute to our ancestors, who laid down the foundation of education and written language, a tribute to all those, who have taken care of and glorified the magnificent Belarusian language for centuries, who embellished the Belarusian and international culture with their immortal masterpieces. In 2010 the town of Khoiniki will host of the XVII Belarusian Literature Day. It is the land where Belarus People’s Writer Ivan Melezh was born. He glorified the native land in his Polesie Chronicles. In order to make the Belarusian Literature Day a proper holiday, we invite all indifferent people to participate in the preparations. The accomplishment of Khoiniki will require major expenses: it is necessary to reconstruct the children’s library, the community center, the town park, the former manor house where a local lore museum will be opened soon. Sculptures of Ivan Melezh’s literature characters will be placed in the town. We invite former residents of the Khoiniki land whose destiny has taken them to various parts of the country to participate in the charity action. You can send your donations to the operating account 3632401190110 in branch No 326 of the Belarusian bank Belarusbank, bank branch location code 151501685. 4 Marx Street, Khoiniki. TIN 400057081. All-Union Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) – 04063463. Let’s make the holiday together! Khoiniki Region Executive Committee, Gomel Oblast Executive Committee.