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25 August 2011

Lukashenko urges to fix domestic price growth

MINSK, 25 August (BelTA) – The price growth should be fixed, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the government session held on 25 August to discuss topical matters relating to the country’s social and economic development. “Prices are on the rise. I wonder whether permissiveness of local authorities and heads of individual enterprises that cover themselves up with the disparity of prices between Belarus and the Russian Federation is behind it?” said the head of state. Alexander Lukashenko said he wanted the government to inform him what measures had been taken to stabilize the consumer market. The President remarked that a lot was being said about the unwanted export of commodities to the Russian Federation. In his words, the ongoing monitoring demonstrates that the unwanted export is gradually falling. “Therefore we cannot say that they have come and have taken everything. We are in the single economic space together with the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian border is not locked either. We have an open economy. If we close it for anyone today, they will close theirs for us tomorrow. Therefore it is totally foolish to say that tomorrow police officers, border guards and customs officers will line up at the border and will not let anyone through,” remarked the President. He stressed that only economic methods should be used.